Hangzhou Golden Age Senior Care Institution, China

  Hangzhou Golden Age Jin Jia Ling Retirement Life Center, China and Hangzhou Golden Age Senior Apartments are located at 188 Jin Jia Ling, Zhuantang Sub-district, Xihu District, Hangzhou, south foot of Wu Chao Shan National Forest Park that is a natural green oxygen bar. The project covers a land area of 16.67 hectares, in which green area beside G320 National Highway covers a land area of 2 hectares, and is built in two phases. The total floor area is about 170,000 square meters, in which phase I project covers a land area of 7 hectares and floor area of 54,000 square meters. The total number of beds is 3,500, in which, phase I project has 1,078 beds. It is a senior care institution integrating senior home, assistant living, nursing and migratory bird-type senior housing in one.

  Ancillary facilities: clinic, restaurant, international exchange center (library, meeting rooms, classrooms, computer room, chess and cards room, snooker room, gym, music room, movie theater, multi-purpose hall), open university for the senior, Golden Art Center, gate ball court, supermarket, hair dressers and etc.

  Since we were opened for business in 2008, we have received the visits of several groups of related state, provincial and municipal government department leaders and business and institutional staff around China as well as the senior care experts and scholars from Southeast Asia, the U.S. and European countries.

  We have been awarded the following honors: one of the Best 10 National Senior Care Institutions for Reliable Service in 2009, Safe Institution of Xihu District, Hangzhou in 2009, Yearly Best Experience Spot at Hangzhou Quality Life Expo from 2009 to 2011, Wuxin Service Brand Model of National Non-state-owned Senior Care Institutions in 2010, and Model Senior Care Institution of Zhejiang in 2011.

  The above honors also indicated our understanding of quality senior care and culture-based senior care in the quality life city of Hangzhou. We have made and will keep making contributions to Chinas senior care industry.
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